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Install Netmonitor on Prestashop

In order to install the tag on Prestashop you need to access the files on your FTP server.

You need to open the template file on your site and install the tag in the footer file, meaning the bottom of your pages.

Prestashop uses a templating language called Smarty which means that you have to modify the netmonitor tag a little bit so it shows correctly. The problem is that Smarty uses curly brackets({}) for variables and thus you have to escape them with {ldelim} for { and {rdelim} for }. For your convenience here is a Smarty escaped version of the tag, just remember copy in your site id!

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://tracker5.netmonitor.fi/nmtracker.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
	try {ldelim}
		var netmonitor = new nmTracker(YOUR-SITE-ID-HERE);
		// custom options go here
	{rdelim} catch(error){ldelim}{rdelim}

The template file can be found this way:

  1. Access your FTP server with your login and password
  2. Find your templates folder
  3. Open the file named “footer.tpl”
  4. Paste the tag Netmonitor, just before the end of the body tag </BODY>
  5. Save

Netmonitor will start immediatly collecting data on your site.

Read the advanced settings of this guide in order to take benefits of all the capabilities of the Netmonitor tag.

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