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 +====== Install Netmonitor on Joomla ======
 +In order to install the tag on Joomla you need to access the templates of your site through you admin pannel.
 +You need to open the template file on your site (index.php) and install the tag on it.
 +The template file can be found this way:
 +  - Open your Joomla admin pannel and click on "Extensions" in the menu
 +  - Click on "Template Manager"
 +  - Choose the right template
 +  - Click on "Edit the HTML code"
 +  - Paste the tag Netmonitor, just before the end of the body balise </BODY>
 +  - Save
 +Netmonitor will start immediatly collecting data on your site.
 +Read the advanced settings of this guide in order to take benefits of all the capabilities of the Netmonitor tag.
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