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Tag options

This topic requires some knowledge of web development, and access to your website's source code. It is mostly intended to web developer.

Some aspects of Netmonitor can be customized directly in the tag using Javascript. Here is how it works.

Tag customization basics

The track() method accepts an object as parameter. For example:

var netmonitor = new nmTracker(42);
	page: 'Custom page name',

Available parameters

Name Type Description
page string Custom page name. The page will automatically be renamed with the name you provide. The corresponding URL will still be stored and accessible under the section “Corresponding URL”.
user string The user identifier, as used by the “Unique user” module. You can pass here any string such as name, email address or even just an ID. See User tracking page for more details.
revenue string/float Use this parameter to tell Netmonitor the revenue of a visit - that is, for example, the amount of the cart when a customer buys from a webshop. The revenue will then be used to calculate various metrics such as the ROI of your campaigns.
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