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Start page

The start page contains the list of all your websites. This if the first page displayed when you sign in, if you have more than one site. If you are using Netmonitor on only one website, you will be redirect to your dashboard instead. You can access the start page by clicking your site's name in the header.


The table displays the following columns:

  1. Name/URL of your website.
  2. The “sparkline” chart indicates the evolution of the number of visits during the last 30 days.
  3. Today column indicates the number of visits for the current day. Don't worry if this number is low at morning, it will grow up!
  4. Yesterday indicates the number of visits yesterday, and the difference as a percentage. The difference can be positive (the number is green) or negative (the number is read).
  5. 7 days ago indicates the number of visits for the same day of week, last week.
  6. Links to different sections of Netmonitor
  7. “Get tag” link, to get the code of your tag. Read the installation instructions.
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