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The Sources section will give you an overview of the main source of traffic for your website. In other words, this module will help your answer the question “Where does your visitors come from?”.

Sources of traffic are always other websites. Netmonitor will identify and count separately certain types of websites:

Every site that is not classified in one of the category above is called a generic “Referring URL”, also known as “referrer”, and is counted in the Links and banners section. The main Sources section gives the repartition of these different types.

Sources distribution

Distribution is the totals of each source type (or category), compared to each other. The list only shows categories that have brought you traffic during the selected time period. As an example, if “Social media and web 2.0” hasn't brought you any traffic during the time period it won't be shown in the list.

Comparative evolution

Comparative evolution is similar to 'Evolution of the repartition' but instead of percentages it displays absolute values. The gray sector in the background of the graph is all traffic. Each line represents one source category.

Evolution of the distribution

Evolution of the distribution is the daily traffic from sources, presented as percentages. The chart displays 100% for each day, but the percentage of the sources changed from day to day. The table has a column for each source category, and displays the daily ratio of a category, related to all traffic for that day.

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