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Sections is grouping for pages. If your site is large enough that it can be divided into sections, this feature will come in handy in order to get a higher level picture of what content your visitors are looking at.


The default view of the sections module, lists all sections. By default there's only one called “No section”. Each section name can be clicked to see what pages it contains.

Create a section

To create a new section, go to the sections start page, then:

  1. Click the “Create a new section” link (below the pie chart).
  2. Give a name for your new section and pick a color of your preference.
  3. Save

Your new section will now have been created, and you can find it in the list below the pie chart. By default new sections are empty, in oder to populate it see the Adding page to section (See below).

Edit a group

The name and color of a section can easily be changed in a few easy steps.

  1. Go to the sections page
  2. find the section you wish to edit in the table
  3. to edit, click the edit icon in the right hand side of the table.
  4. The edit form is identical to the creation form (See above)

Adding page to section

You can add pages to groups in two places. First option is in sections, go to the “No section” page, by clicking it in the sections table. Second option is going to the “Pages” section. In both places you can find a yellow folder icon, for each page, in the right hand side of the table. By clicking it you will be prompted to change the section for this page.


When you click on a section's name, you will be taken to the details page. The details page displays the repartition of every pages inside the selected section.

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