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Search engines

This module is a sub-section of Sources module. It displays Search Engines that brought your site visitors.

Where are the keywords gone? Since version 5.4, keywords and adwords have been moved to their own section.

List of search engines

The search engines front page lists all traffic that you've received from search engines during the selected time period.

Search engine details and evolution

When clicking a name of a search engine in the list on the front page, you will see only statistics for this particular search engine.

  • Evolution show the evolution of the traffic coming for that particular search engine for the selected time period.
  • Keywords displays only the keywords used in that search engine
  • Referrers will display complete referring URL. Use this page if you want to go and view where your site has been found from.

How can I use this data?

Whenever your do a significant change on your website (for example, a new version with a new layout, or a big update of your content), check the evolution of the search engines to analyze if this change has a positive or a negative impact on your ranking.

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