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Overview and dashboard

The dashboard is the first page that is displayed when you look at one of your site. It displays an overview of your website, and is designed to help your understand in a glance how your website is performing.

This module contains 3 different views. You can select which one you want to appear by default in the settings.

Dashboard of Netmonitor 5

Netmonitor 5 has a completely redesigned dashboard. It is divided in 5 sections. By default, the dashboard show the current day. Feel free to change the time period using the date picker.


  1. The Base metrics section displays informations about your website during the selected time frame. If you need help to understand a metric, the glossary is here to help you.
  2. The Trend section displays the evolution of the number of visits during the last 2 weeks. The red line indicate the trend. Note that this section is unaltered by the choice of the time period, it always display the last 2 weeks.
  3. The Sources breakdown section displays where your visitors comes from during the selected time period.
  4. The Goals conversions section displays the conversions for the selected time period. Read the documentation about the "goals" feature to know more about this section.
  5. The Current campaigns section displays the status of your current campaigns. Read the documentation about the "campaigns" feature to know more about this section.


The Evolution page display more specifically the evolution of the number of visits on your website for the evolve over time.


Note the chart will always be at least 7 days long, even if you select a shorter time period. This is designed to help you get a better context for your data.

How can I use this data?

The evolution of the number of visits over a certain time period will help your understand how your website performs over time. You should look at meaningful dates, for example a day when you made a important change, or released a new version, or a day when you sent a marketing emailing campaign, and analyze the impact of these efforts.

This page will also help your find patterns in your visits and get a global picture of the behavior of your visitors. For example, you might realize that your website has a peak every Monday morning, or that during the weekend the traffic to your site very low, etc. Patterns like this, if you are able to find some, will help your make business decisions. For example, an email marketing campaign will be more efficient if you send it during the day of the week you know you have a peak of activity.

You could also try the comparison feature of the date picker and compare a time period with another time period in the past. For example, this month with the previous month, this quarter with the previous quarter, and so on. This will give you valuable information.

Totals (legacy dashboard of Netmonitor 3 and 4)

This page is the legacy dashboard from Netmonitor versions 3 and 4. We decided to keep it for our customers who are familiar with those versions, so that the transition to Netmonitor 5 is easier.


This page is divided in two columns:

  • On the left, data for the selected time period are displayed
  • On the right, data for the previous time period are displayed, as a comparison. This column is always present, even if no comparison has been selected in the date picker.

This page shows the same base metrics as the new dashboard (see above), as well as the sources of traffic.

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