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Whenever an organization visit your site, Netmonitor will identify it and display the results in the Organizations module. Organizations include businesses, state institutions such as cities, educational institutions, etc. but do not include ISP (Internet Service Provider), since they regroup individuals.

For an organization to be recognized and listed here, it has to have a static IP-address, meaning that they've bought a special Internet connection for their office. For instance in Finland we have approximately 14k organizations of the total of 200k registered companies in the country.

Organizations list

This is the default view of the organizations section, it lists all the organizations that have visited your site during the selected time period.

The list of organizations can be filtered by country.

How do I use this data?

You can use this section to identify potential partners, or keep an eye on your competitors. If your are working in the B2B field, you will also be able to identify potential customer.

Look for repeated visits. For example, if a company visited your website many times in a short time period, it's very likely that this company is interested in the services or the products your website have to offer.

Company details

When you click on an organizations name, the details page is displayed. It contains two sub-pages: Details and Evolution.

The Details page displays:

  • The 10 latest visits of the selected organization
  • The pages viewed during the 10 latest visits

The Evolution page displays the evolution of the number of visits for this particular organization within the selected time period

Group management

Netmonitor allows for organizations grouping, for instance if you wish to separate “partners”, “potential customers” and “competitors”.

This section requires that you create groups, and move organizations to them manually. By default there is only an entry called “No group”.

Each group name can be clicked to view the content of it. This view is identical to the “Display by company”, except that it's limited to only show organizations belonging to the group.

Create a group

To create a group navigate to the “Display in groups” page. Then,

  1. Click the “Create a new group” link (below the pie chart).
  2. Give a name for your new group and pick a color of your preference.
  3. Save

Your new group will now display in the list of groups. To start with the group is empty. See the Add a company to a group below, for more info on adding organizations to groups.

Edit a group

The name and color of a group can easily be changed in a few easy steps.

  1. Open the “Display in groups” page,
  2. Find the group you wish to edit in the list, under the pie-chart
  3. To edit, click the edit icon in the right hand side of the table.
  4. The edit form is identical to the creation form (See above)

Add a company to a group

To group an organization, go to the “Display by company” page (default view for Organizations). To add an organization to a group:

  1. View the list of companies (under the pole chart)
  2. Find the company you wish to add to a group
  3. In the right hand side of the table you'll find a edit icon
  4. From the edit view, you can select a new group for the company
  5. Save
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