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This module displays statistics about equipment used by your visitors: what kind of browser, what operating system, which mobile devices do they used (if any), and so on.

Disclaimer: Identifying the equipment used by your visitor is a inexact task. While a vast majority of the results are reliable, you have to keep in mind that there might be a few imprecisions. For example, some mobile devices hide their model and/or version, thus preventing Netmonitor for delivering 100% accurate results. Having said that, we think this module gives some very valuable insights.

Mobile devices

This page displays a list of mobile devices used by your visitors. Mobile devices include: mobile phone equiped with an Internet browser, smartphones, tablet devices (iPad), gaming console, and various media players equiped with an Internet access (iPod, …).

Not all your visitors use a mobile device to browse your website. The totals number of visitors concerned by this section is displayed in the totals boxes.

How can I use those data?

Those statistics can help provide a better service to your visitors. If you see a significant amount of users coming from a mobile device, you might want to consider creating a mobile version of your site, with a layout optimized for mobile devices.

Operating systems

This page displays a list of operating systems used by your visitors. Contrary to the Mobile devices page, here we display every kind of operating system, not only the mobile ones.

Operating systems are grouped by family. For example, Windows XP and Windows 7 belongs to the family “Windows”, Android and Ubuntu belongs to “Linux”, and so on.

How can I use those data?

If you run a website that is directly concerned by the operating system brand or version, this section is good for knowing your audience. Example: a webstore for Apple products, a website that publishes news about Linux, and so on.

But mostly those statistics are designed for your technical staff or for the web agency that created your website. Some features or plugins are only available on certain families of operating systems, hence this section will help to make technical choices if needed.


This section displays a list of browsers used by your visitors, including mobile browsers.

As for Operating systems, browsers are grouped by family. In most cases, a family is the underlying engine of the browser. Different versions (including rebranded versions) are grouped under the same family. Example: Firefox 3.6, Firefox 4 and IceWeasel and IceCat all belongs to the “Firefox” family.

How can I use those data?

Those statistics are designed for your technical and artistic staff, to help them make design choices and improve your website. Every browsers has different gotchas and quirks, and knowing what browsers are used by your audience allows you to focus your optimization efforts on them, to offer the best user experience to your visitors.

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