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Countries and cities

In the countries section you can see where in the world your site receives the most traffic from.


The countries list is the default view. It's a list of all countries from which your site has had visitors during the selected time period.

The country names can be clicked to see more details.

Country details

When you click a country name in the default view you're taken to a sub page, on which you can view visit details limited to that country.

  • Evolution displays the evolution of the metrics for this particular country within the selected time-period
  • Cities Displays a list of cities from the selected country.

How can I use this data?

Knowing from what country your visitors come from can be useful if your are planning to internationalize your website. For example, based on this data, you might chose to translate your website in different languages. Or, if you own a webshop, you might want to consider deliveries options for the countries where your site is popular.

If you're in the process of internationalizing your website, you can use the Country Details page to analyze the evolution of the countries your are targeting.


You can view “Cities of the world” which is a list cities ranked based on from which there are the most visitors, without limiting by country. In the “Country details” section you can view cities limited to the selected country.

How can I use this data?

The Cities statistics are interesting for example if you are running a local online business.

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