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 ==== Compatibility with utm_campaign ==== ==== Compatibility with utm_campaign ====
-If you are familiar with Google Analytics (or other similar products), you'll be using the "campaign name" dimensions with ''utm_campaign''. Netmonitor is fully compatible with it. It is used to identify campaign itself. For exampleyou can create a campaign "Emails to potential customers" and tell Netmonitor to track URL containing the tag ''utm_campaign=email_1''.+If you are familiar with Google Analytics (or other similar products), you'll be using the ''utm_campaign'' parameter. Netmonitor is fully compatible with it. When you create a campaign, a URL-friendly version of the campaign name is created (we call this the campaign "identifier", or "slug"). You can use this as the value of the ''utm_campaign'' parameter to identify your campaign, in addition to the custom tag you might want to define. 
 +For instanceif your campaign is called "Emails to potential customers", the identifier will be "emails_to_potential_customers", and Netmonitor will automatically assign to this campaign all the links that contains ''utm_campaign=emails_to_potential_customers''. 
 +The "custom tag" field is here for the cases when this is not enough, typically if you want to track a URL that contains something else than those standardized "utm_*" parameters (for instance, "gclid=", "?adwords", and so on). 
 +Enough with the theory, we made a really handy URL Builder tool to help you tag your links easily. Check it out: http://www.netmonitor.fi/url_builder/
 ===== Global view ===== ===== Global view =====
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