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There is a few terms from the web analytics world you need to get familiar with to fully understand Netmonitor.

Pageviews (or hits)

Every time a visitor reads a page from your website, it is counted as a page view.


A visit is a session of pages viewed by the same visitor within a certain time period. If a visitor comes back after a certain time of inactivity (typically 30 minutes), it is counted as a new visit.

Read more about the meaning of a visit in our blog.

Bounce rate

A visit is called a bounce whenever a visitor come to your site, and leaves immediately. In other words, the number of visits with only one page view.

Read more about the meaning of bounce rate in our blog.


A source (or traffic source) is the website where your visitors come from. It can be search engines, social media sites, directory sites, etc.

A referring URL (or referer/referrer) is the term usually used to describe any URL (Web-address) that has lead visitors to your site, and that is not classified in any predefined type of source (like search engine, social media site, etc.)

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