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Welcome to Netmonitor!

This guide is here to give you an overview of the functionalities of Netmonitor 5, and to get you started in web analytics.

Since you are reading this page, you probably have a website for you company, and you are concerned by the evolution of your online business.

Netmonitor is a web analytics tool. It will help you measure and understand the success of the website. Its purpose is to gather traffic statistics from your website, to support future business decisions.

With Netmonitor, you will be able to answer questions like:

  • How many people visits my website, and how many are actually interested in my business?
  • Are my marketing efforts worthwhile?
  • When I do a change on my website, is it better?


In order to gather statistics from your website, you need to install a small piece of HTML code (the “tag” or the “tracker”) on all the pages that you want to monitor. To get more meaningful results, we recommend that you install it on every pages of your website.

  • If you have access to the HTML source code of your website, you just need to copy and paste it.
  • If your website was built by a web-agency or a freelancer, you can ask them to install the tag for you.
  • In any case, we can provide you with help for the tag installation. Feel free to contact us at feedback@netmonitor.fi.

Detailed instructions for the installation can be found here.

Using Netmonitor

Netmonitor is a web-based product, so you'll just need a browser and an Internet connection.

You will also receive every Monday the Weekly Report (unless you opted out), which contain a direct link to Netmonitor. You don't need enter your username or password with that link. The link is only valid one time.

Using the documentation

You can browse Netmonitor documentation at:

Every time you need help while you are connected to Netmonitor, you can also click the Guide icon to access the documentation directly for the current page.



We are doing our best to provide translations of the documentation in every language supported by Netmonitor. You can access a translated version by clicking on the flags icons.

Whenever a translation is not available or up-to-date, you can fall back to the English version.

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